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Flat and Notch Aligner / Wafer Handling Tools  

Manual Flat Aligner
The universal flat aligner is for 100mm, 5", 150mm and 200mm wafers, and is also available as a low profile model. The device is easy to operate and can be adapted to various boat models. The wafers are aligned with the help of a crank handle. The device's toggle switch allows setting the function.

Low Particle Flat Aligner
The automatic low particle flat aligner is for 150mm and 200mm wafers. The device is designed with special attention to the highest clean room requirements as well as particle pollution. The boat is placed on the boat lift that is lowered automatically after a short delay. Then the wafer alignment function is started. After completing the function, the boat lift elevates the boat so that the wafers are gently placed into the boat slots.

Manual Notch Aligner
The manual notch aligner for 150mm and 200mm wafers is an efficient tool for aligning wafer notches and for placing the wafer notches in the desired position. The device is flat and easy to operate.

Low Particle Notch Aligner
The automatic low particle notch aligner is available for 150mm, 200mm and for 300mm wafers. After the boat is set up, the function starts automatically after a short delay. As a special feature, this device offers separation of the support rollers. Each wafer position in the boat has an independently rotating support roller. This prevents previously aligned wafers from resting on the rotating support roller and rubbing against the roller.




Manual Wafer Step Lift

This desktop device is a useful tool for lifting wafers in steps out of the boat, for example to read the wafer ID. To do this, the boat with the aligned wafers is pushed into the device. Then the pushers arranged in steps lift the wafers out of the boat just far enough for reliably recognizing the wafer ID.

Automatic Cascade Lift
The automatic cascade lift is a combination of either an automatic low particle flat aligner or a notch aligner with a step lift for lifting the wafer. After the wafers have been aligned, they are lifted by a step-shaped pusher. This allows recognizing the wafer ID reliably. An optional light facilitates this task.

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