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Wafer Sorter

The COMET Single Wafer Sorter offers a product family of flexible and powerful wafer sorters. The desktop system with two stations features computer-aided control, offering all freedoms for sorting wafers. It is operated via the computer's touch screen, using the graphical representation or via mouse control. With the integrated wafer sensors, the system first detects the status of the set-up boats. The system also checks for any cross slotting. For the sorting process, either the previously programmed functions are used, or the wafer slot and the target slot are entered interactively via the touch screen.
The operator level only accepts the released functions. Access to the configuration and programming of the sorting functions is protected. These areas can only be accessed after entering a password.


Complex single wafer sorters are available as floor systems. Models with two, three or four boat stations are available. Compliant to SEMI standards, the boats are arranged in a row at the appropriate height and are therefore easy to operate. The boats are placed on the stations with the wafers in vertical alignment in the boat slots. In the model for 150mm wafers, the stations are equipped with a flat aligner. For Single Wafer Sorters for 200mm wafers, a notch aligner is available, allowing to align the wafers before reading the wafer ID. For performing the sorting function, the boats are set upright, placing the wafers in horizontal alignment. The wafer-ID is read at one station, and the wafer is placed in the target boat according to the sorting program.

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