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Vacuum Wands



The handle holder with vacuum button is made of ESD-Delrin.



The available desktop or wall holders are designed so that the button closes as soon as the handle is placed on it. The hose connection is possible with a thin spiral hose. Conventional hoses, spiral hoses and ESD-hoses are available. A selection of various wafer tips complete the work place. The wafer tips are in a press-fit design and are simply inserted into the handle of the wand. Models are available with straight, bent or slant tip, made of ESD-PEEK or Teflon-coated aluminum for high-temperature applications.

The battery-operated vacuum wands offer new freedom. The handle is only slightly larger than the model for the vacuum wands with hose connection described above. This handle includes a powerful vacuum pump that can be activated with a button either for a short time or permanently. The battery-operated vacuum wands can be used independently of the infrastructure of the work space and are especially useful for maintenance and service work. During breaks, the battery-operated vacuum wands are placed in the charger stand, in which the NiMH battery is always optimally charged due to intelligent charge electronics. The wands are ready for operation at all times. The NiMH battery is located in a block that is attached to the vacuum wands. It is therefore conceivable to charge one battery block and to operate the vacuum wands with another battery block in the meantime.

The battery operated vacuum wands allow using the same wafer tips as the hose-connected vacuum.

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