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Non-Contact Film Thickness Measurement

The non-contact film thickness measurement systems for transparent layers work efficiently and are easy to operate. The measurement systems function according to the principle of the reflection spectroscopy. Using complex algorithms, the spectra of individual layers as well as entire layer systems are analyzed. For analyzing the spectra and determining the layer thickness as well as optical constants n and k, these non-contact layer thickness measurement systems offer extensive algorithms with different material data that can be complemented at any time. The non-contact layer thickness measurement systems are available for measuring extremely thin layers of a few Angstrom to thick layers of close to 500Ám. Across the sample table, all positions on the sample can be measured with the assistance of polar coordinates. In addition to the standard measurement plans supplied with the system, client-specific measurement plans with any number of measurement sites are easy to create.
The non-contact layer thickness measurement systems are available for wafers with diameters between 100mm and 450mm. The measurement speed is extremely high in this system, so that a complete wafer map with 56 data points is completed in only approx. 29 seconds (200mm wafer). The graphical representation of the measurement results shows the distribution of the layer thickness across the entire wafer immediately and clearly. With a measurement spot of only 200Ám, measurements are possible within small structures.


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