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Series M-RES 2000

The non-contact resistance and resistivity measurement system with advanced eddy current technology for all applications in semiconductor manufacturing. The systems are supplied with a range over 6 orders of magnitude. Depending on the particular application, the measuring range may begin as low as mOhm/ sq, as well as more than 100 kOhm/sq at the upper end.
The non-contact resistance and resistivity measurement systems of the series M-RES 2000 are available in various system configurations. They may measure samples as thick as 1.000μm and even thicker samples if specified. The repeatability varied over the range from <0.1%.
The series M-RES 2000 include with the resistance measurements the measurement of the wafer at the same time. The wafer Thickness is measured using a capacitive measuring method. These additional data of this measurement is used to automatically calculate the resistivity and to compensate the resistance measurement for the wafer Thickness.
The systems can measure wafers with a diameter of 2" up to 300mm. By using adapters the systems may even have the capability to also measure sample pieces.

The systems are available in different versions.

The models M-RES 2xxx are manually operating systems where the wafer gets placed on the wafer shuttle and then is carried to the measuring position by using the handle.
These systems can be applied, e.g. in quality control or in development.


The models M-RES 2xxxM are semi-automatically operating systems. The wafer is placed on the wafer shuttle. The resistance measurement is performed using a mapping plan which can be build to meet the application requirementst plan. With appropriate design of the measurement plan results in a meaningful picture of the resistivity distribution of the sample.
These systems are applied, e.g. in the process of development of EPI, implant-, metallization- and other thin-film processes of conductive layers or in manufacturing process monitoring.



The models M-RES 2xxxM-AL are automatically operating systems. The wafers are taken according to a recipe from the cassette and automatically measured by following the given mapping plan. After completing the measurement the wafer is returned back into the cassette.
These systems are applied, e.g. in the process development of EPI, implant-, metallization and thin film processes of conductive layers or in manufacturing process monitoring.


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